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What is Archon ?

Archon bundles a thrilling and immersive Open World Third Person Gameplay with Next Gen Graphics integrated with Live P2E (Play To Earn) Module. This series takes the players to a journey to the world of Archon where, they complete numerous missions, fights ferocious enemies and win over them to generate loads of rewards which can then be claimed in BNBs into the Player’s wallet. There is an In-Game NFT Marketplace where the Players can trade NFTs in the form of Characters, Avatars, Upgrades, Weapons & collectibles.

Is the Archon team developing It's own MMORPG ?

Archon is a Next Gen MMORPG Blockchain based P2E Game ready to go Live and make a roaring entry in the market with ongoing Developments. Developers at Archon are Industry Level Professionals who have worked with renowned game development companies like Activision & Treyarch and are veterans in the field of Next Gen Game Development. When it comes at developing the World’s First Open World P2E MMORPG there is no compromise with the gameplay and Next Gen Graphics, At Archon, Developments never stops.

When is Archon launching ?

Archon Demo V1 will be made available live to beta test for the community before the $ARCH token is launched. Archon Main-net is projected to go live for multiplayers within a period of one month from the day of token launch

How to Earn BNBs playing Archon MMORPG ?

Archon has been integrated with the P2E(Play To Earn) system which generates BNBs for the In-Game XP(Experience Points) scored by the players. This means, the more a player generates XP, the more are his/her BNB earnings, non-Stop and no earning limits for the lifetime.

Is there any limit to Earning BNBs within Archon MMORPG for Hardcore Gamers ?

There is absolutely no Limits in earning BNBs on playing Archon MMORPG. If a gamer goes on playing for hours, he will be generating BNBs Non-Stop for hours as the Archon world is addicting for Hardcore Gamers.

Is Archon MMORPG going Live on PS5 ?

Yes! you heard it right. Developers at Archon are Industry Level Professionals with Decades of Experience and they ensure that Archon MMORPG has all the proper license and tech collaborations with Sony inc. for cross platform integration for Launching on PS5. Hence, if you have a PS5, bring it on!

Will Archon be a registered Company ?

Yes, Archon will be registering as a LLC Company, going by the name of “Archon LLC” with it’s headquarters based on South Korea. It has been planned and included in the Archon Official Roadmap.

How many Archon MMORPG Series will Archon LLC be Launching ?

Archon has it’s first Open World Third Person P2E MMORPG going Live before the Launch. Archon Developers have lined up the Developments following R&D for Three major Archon Series. All going live according to the Archon Official Roadmap.

What is Archon Staking Platform 2.0 and when is it Launching ?

Archon has been ramping up its Tech and in this course, Archon Staking Platform 2.0 is introduced. It’s a Newer Generation Staking platform which doesn’t have any Lock Duration and Platform charges on Staking $ARCH tokens. The Platform is NFT based and the APRs can be multiplied on holding “2X”,”3X” or “5X” Staking NFTs in the staking wallet.